Saturday, January 24, 2009

Task 1 of Saturday Agenda DONE!

Woo Hoo! I'm finally caught up with YCMT quilt step 6! I have all 16 squares sewn together in pinwheels. They've all then been squared off to 6 1/2" squares! I will show you the picture of the 16 squares laying side by side. DON'T look too closely for the mistakes. THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM!!!! But this step is done. So when Kim is ready, I'm ready for the next step--I guess. LOL ;)


jaya pratheesh said...

you've finished the last step..i'm just starting with the first triangles. this is my first quilt, so i am amazed to see firsthand the number of seams that go into each block! man, talk about a labour of love. it is far easier to sew a dress for a little girl!!

we have all caught the bug, now after taking turns at being bedridden with high fever, we are all slowly waking up and walking groggily around. i took your advice, went for a walk, visited some neighbors, now feeling that i'm not so alone in the world.

and i check your blog and see that you're feeling the cabin fever thing too..

jaya pratheesh said...

and i am wondering..why did you not match your fabrics in each pinwheel?

Carlotta said...

Oh my that quilt is going to be so pretty. Mine is going to be like hodge podge I used so many different fabrics. I must say I totally dislike squaring up the blocks.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I didn't match my pinwheels because I thought it was just darks on oneside and lights on the other (which I goofed a few times doing that too!) I guess I'm so new at this quilting thing that I didn't understand that part of it. And I agree, there is a LOT more to this than I ever remember seeing my Mom or Grandma do!! Sewing an outfit is MUCH easier and faster than this!

Carlotta I thank you, but at this point, I don't know how pretty mine will be. It looks like a hodgepodge mess to me at the moment! Especially as Jaya pointed out to me, I didn't do my pinwheels right. OH WELL, I'm not taking out all those seams now. And I have to say, I HATE squaring the blocks back up-- but it isn't as bad as having to get the strips on the Mixed T straightened back up. Now THAT is a Pain in the A!!!!

Kei said...

That's looking gorgeous! I like it with the mismatched triangles personally.

Kim said...

Hi Shelly! I just posted on the YCMT blog, but thought I'd post here, too. I love how yours is turning out. Seriously. It is ok that the pinwheels are different -- this is a very "scrappy" quilt. I love how we can put together all kinds of fabrics and the pattern still looks beautiful. And the fabrics you used are gorgeous. Please don't start over -- keep on going with it because I think you'll be very happy with the end result. ;)