Friday, February 1, 2013

Has It Really Been a Year?

Hello one and all followers--and any lurkers as well!

Has it really been a year since I was last on this blog? I don't know how time flies--and not always when you're having fun. But seems like the older I get the faster time flies by. But what a year it has been! I went great guns on the website--that is until the server would no longer let me in! There were so many new designs that I digitized and put on the site. But alas life got in the way and I have yet to figure out the balancing act of business owner, Mom, Gramma, cook & bottle washer. LOL But that is neither here nor there. I guess the biggest thing I forgot was ME time and this blog is part of that ME time! I will say that I'll be dilligent about getting this back to normal postings. However, I can't say that that will necessarily be the case--no matter how much I want it to be so. I just forget to get to the computer. I can't even claim to have been a loyal follower of the blogs that I follow--can't even claim that I've been lurking! I can honestly say that I haven't looked at anyone's blogs--and for that I apologize. I know that all of you put hard work into your blogs!

All of that being said, let me say that this has been a busy year! My dearest hubby and my best friend went to Walt Disney World for a week then followed that week with a week long cruise on the Disney Fantasy! Oh what a wonderful 2 weeks those were! We had so much fun and met some amazing people--not to mention the wonderful characters that we love to see in the wonderful world of the mouse! Being able to spend those 2 weeks in the fantatiscal world of Walt Disney's visions was awesome. Coming home from such a great trip was rather depressing getting back into the "real world" of having to cook and clean for ourselves!

However that feeling didn't last too long as 3 weeks later we were back on the road again to Myrtle Beach, SC for my All Class Reunion. Now most people would wonder what kind of school would not have a specific class reunion, but an All Class one instead. Well, I am proud to say that I'm a military brat! And our school, Zweibruecken American High School does not limit its class reunions to just one class or to just those that actually physically graduated from there. Every 3 years there is an All Class Reunion held in which anyone that attended the school during its existence is considered an alumni! It was wonderful to meet so many old and new friends that I haven't seen in almost 30 years (or has it been 30 years already?)!! What an amazing weekend with amazing people!

I returned home to prepare myself for yet another back surgery--this time on the upper portion of the spine as opposed to the lower portion. I must say that all has gone exceedingly well with this last surgery and I'm quite pleased with the result. Although I am starting to feel like one of Star Trek's Borg units! :) But so far I have to say it has all been worth it.

In the interim time between the surgery (which was in July) and now our house has felt like a revolving door! One of dear hubby's best bud's and a dear close family friend has retired from the military and has joined our household. We also have had one daughter move in with her 1 year old daughter for a few months until her job was able to be transferred closer to where her she and her husband now live. I have had the joy of welcoming 2 more grandchildren into the world--let's see that makes the grandchild count up to 6 and number 7 is due in July 2013! When the one daughter was moving out with her one year old, we were welcoming our other daughter with her 3 year old and 1 week old sons into the house. I was blessed to be in the room when the 1 week old (he's now almost 2 months old) was born and then helped her drive home from Virginia back to the sunny Gulf Coast! It was so much fun here at Christmas with 3 little ones who are still so much fun to watch open gifts and discover all the surprises that were left for them under the tree.

Since then, the household has been in construction mode! Not consruction on the house; but construction of a duke's costume for Mardi Gras. Our ball is tomorrow night and all the finishing touches have been done (I hope). The centerpieces and table decorations are ready to take with us so that we can have a night of fun and merriment! Our son-in-law is one of the dukes this year in the court for our Mardi Gras Krewe's ball this year. Hence why we have been in total construction mode. Unfortunately, I can't give you any sneak peek pictures of the costume until the ball is over. If I can manage to get back to the computer and remember to get back here to give you an update--I'll be sure to post pictures of our finished handiwork! I'm so blessed that my husband can be part of the creative team that works on things and can help with the cutting and detail work!

That being said, I will close this for now. But I did want to let you know that I haven't forgotten y'all and I'm still alive and kicking!