Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Challenges!!--Some are small and Some are ART!!!

I've only been in one quilt guild--as I'm still a fairly new quilter.  But I love my quilt guild and have no plans of leaving it.  So don't get me wrong there.  And I know many quilters that belong to not just one but 2 or three guilds.  Some belong to more than one because each guild "fits" a different nitch for them.  But it seems that most all guilds have some sort of challenge that they propose to their members at one time or another.  Whether the guild/society is a local group, district, state, national or international group there is always a challenge that is involved.  It may be once a month, once a quarter, once a year.  I was looking at some of my favorite blogs this morning and Tweety Loves Quilting   Art with Fabric Blog Hop - Day 3 was reminded of a very special challenge I saw this spring in Daytona.
For AQS, there was a Challenge that involved art and artists, the World Painters Challenge:
In 1995, a group of twelve patchwork lovers in various regions of Japan formed the Nihon Heritage Quilters Guild. This group participates in an annual quilt challenge, and every few years, the challenge is extended to include other nations. The World Painters Challenge began in 2013. A list of 30 world-famous painters was chosen, and that list was given to a group of quilters from Japan, France, and the U.S. One painter was assigned to each of 30 quilters in each nation, and each quilter was challenged to design and execute a piece of fiber art either representing a work of their painter or making a design of their choice in the style of that painter. This exhibit is designed to compare the techniques and styles between the nations in representing the work of each famous painter. This exhibit will be touring the AQS Quilt Week events in 2016. Linda Steller and her sister, Ginny Steller, became the US coordinators of the World Painters challenge in 2013.


I don't know what impresses me more, the fact that so many of these could pass as the artist's work that they represent or that they look like art or that the art is actually quilts!  And if you could have seen these pieces of art up close and personal it would have really blown you away!  The talent that was displayed in these art pieces was just mind blowing!  As the old saying goes, "I want to be able to quilt like this when I grow up!"

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