Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Official, I'm the new owner of Embroodles!

OMG, It has been SOOOO long since I've been on here. So much going on and so much to share with y'all. First of all, I am no longer teaching--after having the second back surgery in 5 years (third major surgery in those same 5 years) I have left the classroom. I've been making my way back to the world of the living slowly but surely.

Second, my partnership with the owner of Embroodles has turned into me OWNING Embroodles and Kim is starting up a new website for her clip art! Of course, we are still partners as far as we are concerned, but legally, now I'm the owner of Embroodles and she will be the owner of her website. So I will be incorporating Embroodles and the work I'm doing there to share with y'all. Of course, any of you that own embroidery machines are more than welcome to come browse the website, join our yahoo group and in general just come be creative with me. Y'all will be the lucky ones to see digitized designs before they are put onto the website. And of course, you know I'll enjoy getting your feedback on any/all the designs that I'm working on or that will be going on the site. So be sure to check out Embroodles website at or by going to our facebook page!

Oh and before I forget, all of you that are my normal blog buddies that already have websites of your own, if you want to give me any helpful hints and advice on how to keep from going crazy or how best to get your site noticed by even more people I won't turn away from listening to you! This is an established site, one that I've been working with the owner and she and I have considered ourselves partners since almost the beginning of the site. So its not like I know nothing about the site--but I've never been the one in charge of RUNNING it. Of course, I'm going to ask Kim to continue helping me for a little while; but I don't turn down suggestions without listening to them first! ;)

I'm sure there is LOTS more to say and to start looking for things to show y'all--been so long since I've been here, maybe I need to reintroduce myself! Maybe y'all forgot me!