Monday, April 27, 2009

What a Weekend!!!!

My first grandbaby, Kahli Grace, was born on April 23. That just happens to be my oldest daughter's birthday as well. As soon as I get pictures, I'll be sending them to you via the blog! We celebrated Kahli's Aunt Gigi's 21st birthday as well as her birth that night.
Saturday was my oldest son's wedding. So while Adam (my son) and Beth were celebrating the birth of Kahli, we were busy getting ready for Zach's wedding. We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night.

My son, Zach, is in the yellow and blue striped shirt. That is his fiance's dad, Sherman, and mom, Michelle, stepping in for Amanda. The lady in pink in the back ground is DH's Mom, Kathy. DD, Athena, is in the golden yellow shirt.

Here are a couple of wedding pictures that we took (we didn't take many as the batteries were dying and we forgot to pick up any others).

Amanda and her dad, Sherman

Zach & Amanda Roberts
As you can see, after most of the guests arrived, the rest of us finally started to have real fun. The groom is in the grey vest. One of his best friends is in the blue vest. Athena is in the green dress, while Gigi is in the blue top with black pants. The older heavy set woman in tan is me. Of course, I'm sure you recognize the bride, Amanda.

Both girls (sisters) wanted in on the brother/sister dance!

Mom and Dad with Zach