Saturday, January 10, 2009

Step One: Done

OK so I'm a little late with getting step one finished. But I have done it! I have managed to not only add all the folks blogs to follow as they journey through with their quilts, but I have finally managed to get my own quilt squares cut out.

Hmmmm Kim from YCMT said to cut 64 sqares (32 light and 32 dark) right? Well, I guess as usual I went overboard--not knowing when to stop cutting! OOPS! I have 66 light and 66 dark squares cut for a total of 132 total squares! Maybe, as I told Sonja earlier, I will have to do 2 different Make-it-as-I-go-quilts--one in each set of light/dark squares to make up the 64 squares she was asking for. Only thing is, when will I ever get step 2 done on all of them? Later I guess--as I still have the housework to attend to (the housework that gets left behind because of everything else I find to do instead), and I do have things to do for school that I need to at least look at (well, maybe I'll get to that later, too). But I will at least put in a picture here of the fabrics that I found stuffed in my fabric closet that I'd bought sometime for something long forgotten! But these fabrics whether mismatched or not, seem to go together quite well. Wonder what I bought them for in the first place? Probably to make purses out of. No matter, there's plenty left for the purses as well as these squares I cut!

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