Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jo Jo Having Free Give Away!

In honor of Jo's 100th post, she is having a free give away! What is the catch? You must go to her blog, tell her what 3 things you could not craft without and then go back to your blog to show a picture and blog about it. So now you know how its done, you will understand why I'm blogging about such here!

So what are my 3 you ask?
#1 Well, I couldn't craft/sew without my sewing/embroidery machine & computer. After all, how could I possibly keep up with all the new crafty ideas and embroidery & quilt designs if I didn't have a computer to blog and surf with? And how could I make those ideas and designs come true without a machine to sew them with?

#2 I couldn't cut those ideas out without scissors and a rotary cutter (with the board of course) and couldn't help complete them (well some of them, especially at Mardi Gras time) without a glue gun. It can burn like crazy but at the same time, it sure can save time!

#3 FABRIC FABRIC and more FABRIC! Spoken like a true fabricholic right? There are times when I'm glad I got rid of a good bit of my old stash --after all, a good bit of it was double knits (can you say ewwwwwwwwwww). At the same time, there are times I wish I still had all of it (well except for the double knits). But there is some of it that I wish I had--you know some of those funky prints we wore in the 70's? I might still have some of it in the attic, but I think I got rid of most of it. But the best part of getting rid of the old stash I had???? I get to buy new stuff and not feel quite as guilty! ;) And since my computer has a mind of its own (AGAIN) it won't let me insert the picture--or even pull up My Computer at this point. So I will publish this as is. Attempt to reboot and put the picture in later. OK it worked, now I'm taking Nyquil and going to bed! Maybe I'll finally feel better by tomorrow. I haven't in several days!


Jan said...

Oh, Shelly! I hope you feel better soon! And, I love your 3 items.......and yes, I can say "ewwwww", but I am sure that hidden somewhere....there is at least one piece of knit fabric.....

N. Canadas said...

Hi Shelly,
Thank you so much for your kind comments. Check tomorrow because I was able to get some fabric for the swap today! I have to say I do LOVE fabric as well.