Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Saturday, Another "Work" day!

Good Morning one and all--It is a beautiful Saturday morning on the (slightly wet) Sunny MS Gulf Coast! What a difference a week makes. We've had beautiful sunny but VERY COLD days. OK so those of you that live in the artic north (in other words, anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line) would not call what we've had here cold, but we are just not used to days where the temps get to the upper teens and low 20s! Yesterday we finally had a day where we didn't have to wear heavy coats, gloves, hats and scarves! It got to almost 70 yesterday. As they say, if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes it will change! LOL OK so it took almost a week to see that change!

It is Saturday and that means I have a day of cutting, sewing, ironing, and oh yeah that dreaded word---HOUSEWORK. But that will come in between and after the other stuff! So on the agenda for today/this weekend?
1. Getting the YCMT squares finished sewn, ironed and squared off again. DONE!
2. Getting the strips for my Sampler Quilt Swap blocks cut--and hopefully start sewing them. DONE!
3. Post to the Calendar quilt with the updated pics of my quilt. DONE!
4. Hem 2 pair of pants for a co--worker.
5. Finish a pair of pj's for a good friend (that were supposed to be for Christmas).
6. Get my hubby's apron embroidered finally (that was supposed to have been Christmas also).
7. Finish my DIL's purse and a purse for one of my best friends, oh and there is one for my assistant and one for my daughter's best friend all sitting in various stages of completion too. UGH! Sometimes I hate being ADD!
8. And of course, more flowers for Mardi Gras--and eventually explain what all these flowers are for. Another 100 DONE!
9. Go through the blogs I'm following for their newest blogs (oh wait, I've already been through the 80 that Google Reader said were new and commented on many of those!). DONE!
10. Spend a little time reading--ok I only got 2 chapters read last week of my book. This may take a long to finish this book at this rate. But I've got all these neat things going, I don't want to take time out to read. Another chapter read! LOL
11. Start a Valentine table runner or door hanging (maybe both?--nah, there's not that much time this weekend).

OK, now that you know the plan, I'm off to get started. Hoping to see what you've been working on in your blogs this week. Oh, and if you want to shower a beautiful little girl with stickers who has just returned from surgery, go see Kaitlyn at her mom's blog!

One more thing, my comment box has been kind of lonely! If you're stopping by and browsing around here today, drop me a line and let me know you're here. (OK so I'm feeling like I'm blogging one sided today--I comment on others but they don't comment on mine with the exception of a few like Nana Barb, Carlotta, Jan, Tania, Holly, Amanda, Simone, Missy, Melissa, and forgive me but my mind has gone blank on names--there ARE a few others). I always appreciate comments--even like the one from the guy I'd never heard of or seen before when I did my blog on the inaguration! ;) Just rember to make them family friendly--you never know who is reading over your (or my) shoulder.


Natasha said...

Gosh quite a list of things to do! I am lucky to finish one of those in a day!

Carlotta said...

My gracious Shelly you have an extensive list. And this is just for today? There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

So true, so true, so true! And I'm running out of steam. Time to go find some food to put in the stomach, watch a movie and fluff more flowers--woo hoo another on my list of things to do today--that will stretch into tomorrow! If I don't make it back to y'all, have a great evening!