Saturday, January 31, 2009

Group 3 Swap Folks-1 done 8 to go!

Hey guys, How are your squares coming? I have to admit, I'm frustrated with mine. It is not at all coming out the size that it should--and I don't know why.
But if you're interested in seeing what the light blue square for the swap is going to look like for group 3; here it is. The first (3) block(s) is(are) done, now I only have to make 8(6) more just like it!


Missy said...

It looks great! If your blocks are slightly too small( I have that problem A LOT) try sewing with a seam allowance that is just under a quarter inch. Only by a few threads though. You'll notice a lot of patterns tell you to use a "scant quarter inch". Pressing can take up a little of your seam allowance. My blocks will sometimes be off by as much as an eighth of an inch. Especially if there are a lot of pieces in them.

If it's too big, just trim it down. Easy enough. I love it when that happens. It means I can trim it down to be perfect. Woo Hoo!! LOL

I haven't done any sewing yet this weekend. (It's Sunday morning here.) I plan to today.

Have a good evening!

Mama Krit said...

I think they look beautiful, and I just love that blue! :)