Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calendar Quilt Journal--Cool Idea

OK OK I think my computer is possessed. I KNOW I added another blog to follow and now I can't find it. I wonder if I didn't save it earlier! Oh well. At any rate, Nana Barb's Musings blog is delightful--but more importantly she gave me the coolest idea! I know lots of people keep quilt journals for their quilting projects (not that I've ever seen a need for that and don't quite understand them--at least the blank quilt journals I've seen at Barnes and Nobles). But the idea of journaling what each strip, square, whatever size/shape for the day for the calendar quilt is such an awesome idea. I was wondering--without actually writing it on each square which will take away from the quilt--how on Earth I would remember what each fabric was for and why I chose it. DUH, the queen of lists and I didn't think of writing a list of what each day stands for. I must really be brain dead. Now there are some that can remember (and how they do, I'll never know) the name of the fabric, the designer, the maker, etc. of their fabrics and where they got them, when they bought them, what the fabric was used for, etc. (talk about the ultimate list or note card maker!!!). Me on the other hand, there are days I can't remember my own name let alone where I got fabric and what its called! I'll be happy to just have a list of what day is what and IF there was a specific reason we chose that fabric! Some days I don't have a rhyme or reason to why I chose it--it's just there or it was the first fabric I touched or its the only fabric the cats weren't laying on, etc.

But I figure I better get going on this like SOON or I'll forget why I did anything! LOL And if I'm extremely lucky, this that I did in excel, copied the screen to put into paint, and then made a jpeg out of it, will work and I will be able to show you what I have so far on my calendar quilt journal.
I've already chosen fabric for the 19th and 20th, and you can see that I've typed in why those 2 days and then the 25th will have important or specific types of fabric for those squares. If possible, I've put in a color as the background that is close to the main color of a fabric--obviously not exact, but you only have so many colors to work with in Excel! LOL I just have the blank squares still as a pale yellow--so I know I still have to fill them in! OK so according to this I'm 2 days behind. I have to find something that is appropriate for the two days. Still thinking on that one(s). But at least I got it journaled and started so that I know what I'm doing now--or should I say, what I was thinking when I get a week or two, or month or two or more down the road and wonder "Why did I use that there? I can't imagine why I'd use THAT fabric!"
I also need to get to my YCMT Make-It-Up-as-You-Go-Along next step finished. That means I need to get the seams ironed to the "dark side" and then trim off the little corners--then wait for the next step. Ooo I'll have to get out the camera again and take pics so that I can see (and then show) what they look like all sewn, pressed, trimmed and how pretty they are--apart and together!
When I get started on my Mixed T square (for the quilt block swap I'm doing) I'll show the pictures of my progress there. At the moment I'm still debating on which of 3 fabrics I should choose for my light blues and if I should do both fabrics as different prints of the light blue or if I should do light blue and white. Maybe I'll see about pulling out the camera tomorrow and taking pictures of the fabric choices I'm debating on using and you can help me decide. I'm sure that Carlotta will have a vote on it, maybe even Sonja, but will anyone else out there be able to help me decide?
Quit being so quiet if you're reading and keeping up with my blog--even if you won't commit to following it like Carlotta did. Leave me a comment to let me know there's someone out there other than myself reading what I write! I know that I talk to myself a lot--and call it talking to the animals, but now I'm talking to myself and writing to myself in blogs! So does that make me mental or just pathetic? Either way, I love blogging and I'm glad that I've found something that I can actually blog about with others.

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Carlotta said...

Journaling, I haven't thought about that. So far the fabric I've used have been from my stash, so I remember what they were used for. But I'm running out of fabric, a good excuse to buy more right? I think it would take too much out of me to actually write down why I chose the fabric I did. Then I'd have to keep up with the journal note, and if you could see my computer table right now, you'd know that's close to impossible. Can't wait to see your work.