Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey Congress, What About US? the CRAFTERS?

OK there is a buzz going through Allbrands Sew Forum just as there is (I'm sure) on most any forum where people that craft, make baby items, make items for toddlers, for children, for tweens visit. What is going to happen to us???? What will happen to those that have made a good bit of hobby/career money on crafting? What will happen to craft and art fairs/festivals? And here I was considering making enough items to set up a booth at a craft fair this spring. NOT NOW!!! I'm too scared to. I don't have the money for all the testing that is required. I don't make multiples and multiples of things to even have one item tested--as it is destroyed by the time testing is finished! OK so the bill is already passed. Congress has already made its deals with lobbyists and have come up with something they think will satisfy the American public--making things safer for our children in America. But this was all caused from CHINA not having any testing or safety guidelines. Now the small businesses are going to be having problems staying afloat. The crafters are going to be left in the dark--or the dark side--selling black market as you would until some little old crafter gets busted for selling an infant afgan that wasn't tested. Large businesses will have the prices driven extremely high--after all it is $50-thousands of $ to test ONE item--depending on how many components and materials are used in the item. And now, there are only CERTAIN testing facilities that can be used and authorize the safety of the item. I'm all for safety, don't get me wrong, but what about US? What about those of us with sites on Etsy? Websites? craft booths? etc.

Well there is a blog that is trying to help answer questions--although, I don't know that anyone will really have the answers before the law goes into effect in the next month or two. To check it out a bit more, click on the little bear to the right and see what you can do to help.

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