Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Pay it Forward"

I am taking part in the Pay It Forward movement that I saw over at Robin's blog. I have always loved the idea behind PIF's and have never had a chance to do one in the past.

How this one works is quite simple. The first three people to sign up on this post will receive a surprise PIF sometime within the next 365 days. Then each of my three players will invite their own three players and so on. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Ok, so the first three to sign up (international welcome) will receive some Shelly's Stitchery goodness sometime this year. In return, you will make a post on your blog and offer the same thing to three of your blog readers.

So, come on....who wants to be part of this great event?


Cassie J said...

PIF what a wonderfuly idea!!! I have not seen it in this type of format before. Would love to be a part of this. Is this where you sign up? I'm feeling a little guilty as this is the first time I have ever visted your site and was lead here by my cousins blog. Fate?

Three Prince Designs said...

i would love to do this also