Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 2 of 3 day Weekend--How's my LIst?

Hey, Hey, Hey! I got what seemed (on the list) to get LOTS done yesterday. I know I updated the list as I went along, but I figure its time to see the result of yesterday's work!

1st- YCMT Quilt
Only got half of the squares cut and trimmed, but its coming along.

I'll be caught up (hopefully) by the end of the day.

2nd - 365 day calendar progress

Yesterday I got January 2009 and Happy New Year embroidered onto the quilt. At least we'll know when the first day was and what year it represents. I also have the squares sewn through Tuesday. Here are the pictures on its progress!

3rd - Cleaning off Sewing Table

OK you saw the table, the rest of the room wasn't much better. I now can freely walk around the room (although I won't photograph my closet as its scary just opening the door!). So I think it is time to give you a tour of my small little sewing room--where everything can easily be gotten to from my rolling office chair--computer to any of the four machines to the cutting table to trim or place, etc.

This is the wall to the left as you walk in from the door. It has a peg board for my scissors, rulers, etc.; the pricncesses on the wall is a cork board I covered in fabric and put up yesterday; of course I have Mardi Gras masks on the wall and the turtle was drawn by my son, Zach; Don't mind the mess around the computer--its ALWAYS that way--having the corner desk is super for this corner of the room and then to have the machines off the side from it.

Obviously, this is the outside wall with nice bright airy windows. I like the light, but don't like the neighbor's son looking in. So we have the bamboo shades. There I have my two embroidery machines, another of the cork boards I covered yesterday and the other half of my computer table & filing cabinet.

This is the 3rd wall. You can see the wall where eventually I will have storage drawers or shelves that will hold all the stash. Currently part of the stash is there in bins (don't mind the stuff at the end of the table--that's where all the scraps were thrown at Christmas when I was cutting things out for everyone) and in the dresser, in bins, and on shelves in the closet. You can also see my other two cork boards I covered yesterday and put on the door. As a teacher I'm so used to having cork/bulletin boards around me that I miss them at home. I just don't like to see them plain--that's why we teachers put paper on the board first I guess! And of course, my beloved Eeyore is on the wall.
And this would be wall 4-back at to the door. As you can see it isn't a large space like I've seen some sewingrooms. But it is larger than having just the end of the diningroom table as I used to have. And it is larger than sharing a corner of the livingroom as I've done for a while. So I'm quite happy with it. Of course, there are always ways to improve it--like the fact that I NEED storage and shelving. But that is coming. The wall coloring wouldn't have been my first choice, but I do like it. And I painted it originally for 2nd daughter's bedroom. So you've now had a tour of my sewing room. The closet door I won't even attempt to open and photograph. After all, we all have some skeletons to hide, don't we? LOL

Someone asked me yesterday what kind of flowers I was making. These are your basic tissue paper flowers. There are 5 pieces of paper in each flower (well unless I can't count or the paper sticks together) that are folded accordian style with a flower wire folded over it and wrapped tightly. Then the papers are fluffed out to make a flower.

You ask Why I make so many of these? That's a little harder to explain!


Three Prince Designs said...

I have been thinking about doing the quilt also - but I may put that off to later. Yours looks great so far!

Sonja said...

I still haven't started my quilt either. I love your sewing room! I share mine with my dh, his desk on one side, nice and neat. And my table on the otherside. A long table with everthing on it, cutting board, sewing machine and stuff, stuff stuff.

Great Job!!!!

Carlotta said...

Love the colors you're usisng for the ycmt quilt. The fabrics for the calendar quilt looks so fun. Estpecially the one with the apron. I'm using a corner of my living room to sew, and it looks like a mess. Not trying to do much with it because prayerfully we'll be moving soon. And when we do, I'll be in touch for organization help.

Jan said...

Oh, you have made me tired!! You were a busy girl yesterday! And I am envious.....I have a sewing table under the window in the dining area to sew......And no storage!! I love the "don't mind this".....that can be applied to my entire house!! Now, I need to head off and work on the YCMT quilt, so I can start jammies for our Granddaughter to match the quilt that I also need to be doing.............sigh.........whenI need the energy, I'll be back to your blog......maybe I can absorb some of yours! (should be back within the hour...LOL!)

Smilingsal said...

I'd love to have a room dedicated to crafting; maybe then I could DO some!

My modum was sick and my local internet company finally fixed it. Mr. Linky is up now; please come link in. Happy Blue Monday.

Kim said...

Your blocks are looking great! I'm so glad you're a part of this!

Kim :)