Thursday, February 26, 2009

Links are US! or Playing Catch-Up Again!

The hurrier I go the behinder I get. Isn't that the old saying? Well in my case that is often the case. However, you haven't seen any posts from me lately not due to me being so busy, but I haven't been able to get my posts to save as drafts or to publish. So I thought I would try this early in the morning and see if I can beat the "heavy traffic" on the intenet to see if that makes a difference. Also for any of you that I follow or read on a regular basis--don't think that I'm no longer following or reading or just lurking now. I've also been having troubles leaving comments--some of the posts don't have a place to leave a comment, sometimes my comment disappears (and these aren't the ones that moderate before posting), and sometimes it just doesn't allow me to comment at all because it will "time out". But I am here and if nothing else, I'm leaving you comments telepathically! LOL

To begin with, here is the February update for the calendar quilt. Lousy pic I know. It was current through Sunday and then I already had my fabric for Mardi Gras day picked. I can't believe that another month is almost finished! BTW the blue and white behind it is for the Rainbow Sampler Quilt Swap--so no I haven't forgotten about that, just haven't gotten back to them. I promise Jen, I'll have my blocks done by deadline.

2nd: This is what mail call brought me the other day! The fat quarters are from the Sew Mama, Sew! Fat Quarter Swap. The Kaleidoscope Wedge Ruler??? Well, I got "tired" (NO Barb, I never get tired of seeing your stuff!!! I love your stuff!) Ok, I confess, I was jealous--ok are you happy, I said it, of Barb's BEAUTIFUL designs with her "fancy" ruler. So I asked her what it was called. I googled it and found one on ebay and snatched it up! So when school paperwork calms down some--or when I'm so stressed from the schoolwork that I NEED some sanity, I will be attempting some of those really NEAT designs that she's been doing as well. I would say that I was disappointed that only 2 of my 8 fat quarters have come in, but considering mine were supposed to go in the mail yesterday, um, I'm not doing any better. So if you are part of the two groups of swap mates I'm in, I'm trying to get my brain to get me to the post office! LOL

Oh and if you're looking for what to do with all those fat quarters that are going through the mail... Then Sew Mama, Sew! has some fabulous ideas as to what to do with them. Everyday (I think) all month she has been giving ideas, tuts, etc on what to do with fat quarters. So hop on over and browse--since I know that your creativity is just drying up completely--afterall, there's been NOTHING new posted as of late from anyone! NOT!!!!

Speaking of NEW stuff, have you seen the NEW ebook that Courtney at Sister to Sister has just finished? Just love it! Just waiting for it to be "released" so I can get a copy to start making loveys for my new grandbabies that are on their way.

Oh, and can anyone tell me how to convince on-the-go kids to use nappys instead of disposable diapers? I have found the most adorable nappy complete with awesome tutorial over at Kei's Creations. Kei gives you the total step-by-step lowdown on how to make these! They are just so CUTE and environmentally friendly too! I just don't know how to convince the kids that they need to use them--at least at home anyway!

And you all have to check out Melissa's new ebook! Of course I don't know if it has been released or not yet either, but she's got it up and on her site ready for you to look at anyway!

OK ladies, I know that many of you keep up with Mama Krit. She needs OUR help now! The Simply Savvy lady is need of help for ideas for her child's WESTERN birthday party. I have sent her all that I have to help her. Hop on over to her blog and give her what ideas YOU have to help her out. Themed birthday parties are so cool to kids.

3rd: For those of you still stuck in snow and ice and cold weather, let me share my camelia bushes with you. These have been blooming for over a week. And you might not be able to tell, but there are LOTS more blooms ready to open up on the two larger bushes. I really should have trimmed the two larger bushes last fall (and I usually do); but with me being in a walking boot, Dave wouldn't let me get into uneven ground or areas that might be muddy--especially while yielding an electric trimmer! Gee, what did he think I'd do? Fall and cut my own arm off or something? (Yes!)

I was really hoping to be able to tell everyone that --hey, I got all the blocks for the swap done! I got the blocks for the bushfire project done! I've started a new quilt with the new fancy, schmancy ruler! After all, I had a 4 day weekend. Unfortunately, I spent all 4 of those days in bed with 101+ temp, taking as much dayquil, thera flu, nyquil combinations as I possibly could get away with so I wouldn't feel like the walking dead--and still did. I've coughed and hacked so much my lungs and muscles around my ribs are VERY sore. So needless to say, all my thoughts of "grandeur" and my big plans for the weekend went to hell in a handbasket! Hopefully this coming weekend will be much more productive!

I know that this is MUCH shorter than my usual posts--and I'm sure most who read or scan through it will be happy about that! But sickness has a tendency to shorten things tremendously!


Barb said...

You are not the only one having trouble leaving post....some of the sites have been murder and so I finally give up...I blamed it on my slow internet, my cranky computer....but it seems I am not the only one!! I am going over to check out Sew Moma Sew right now...thanks for the tip.

a good yarn said...

I was sorry to read that you haven't been well and hope you are feeling much better. What a great post. So much news and so many links. Plenty to keep me busy.

Have a super weekend...Ann :)

jaya pratheesh said...

hi, to make moms put babies in cloth diapers, just give them some as a gift!

not in newborn sizes. after the first month of disposable use, they will figure out by themselves that diapers cost a lot. slowly, they, too will start experimenting with cloth, and running an extra wash is nothing compared to the cost of getting a new box of diapers from the shop. start with about a dozen. when they run out, just load the washer and use a disposable.. till the cloth ones are dry.

most people will not do anything if we "tell" them..they need to figure this out on their own.