Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Day with Best Friend--the Bestest!

My oldest (ok, not in age but in the number of years I've known her) and dearest BFF in the whole world has come down from her home in the northern half of the state to visit her old stomping grounds, some old friends and to attend our Mardi Gras Ball on Saturday night. Since I took the day off to be with DD (G) for her first appointment with the OB doc, I spent the majority of the day with my BFF! G and I went to pick Terry (no blog) up from her MIL's and went to Applebee's for lunch after G's appointment. They were so crowded we weren't able to tease and harrass the poor waiter like usual. Of course, we also didn't have our normal waiter either! On the way out we saw some other really good friends that we haven't seen in 5 or more years. We talked and laughed like a day had not even passed since we'd last seen them!

After we dropped G off so she could go to work, Terry-no-blog and I went to the wonderful world of Wall--otherwise known as Wal-Mart. You wouldn't think we could get into much trouble in there, but as her late husband used to say, "Oh no, I"m not going with them anywhere--those 2 are trouble when they get together!" I found a really adorable frog (and dang if I didn't remember that I had a camera with me in the form of a camera phone! I could kick myself for not remembering it until later!) Anyway, I found this really cute stuffed animal frog (she collects frogs) holding three candy hearts. I showed it to her and she said, "yeah I saw it." With our ball on Valentine's night this year and her not having her husband to be with her this year, I know it is going to be a rough one for her. So I took the frog and said--in my best froggy voice--"C'mon Terry, buy me! You know you want me." She just started giggling and turned around. "Terr-rrry, I'm only $10. I could be your date Saturday night." Again she kept giggling (which is one of her bestest ever traits--I love to hear her giggle and laugh). So I walked up behind her, tapped her on the vshoulder with the frog's leg and said, "Hey, YOU, I love you. Can't I go home with you?" To which she said, "Ok, come on. You can go to the ball with me too. That way I'll have something there so I won't be by myself." I said, "What you gonna name him?" YES we are this silly that we do things like this together! She said, "I'll name him Richard and then Richard WILL be with me at the ball." Well, as we walked around, she got him a rose to carry. I kept teasing her that she needed a special pillow for him to sit on too! She didn't get that though.

We went back in the fabric section and I just couldn't resist any longer (OH how DH will kill me!!!!) I got 1/2 yard of some of the fabrics I'm wanting to make DIL a quilt for my first grandbaby with. Now aren't these colors pretty together? I can hardly wait to get started on it--although DH keeps telling me--you can wait until the summer. But Kahli will be born in late April or early May. Now HOW can I wait until the summer to make it? I mean, seriously! I just LOVE these fabrics together! It will be so pretty and cheerful and BRIGHT!

Well while back in the fabric section, I got to talking to the lady about the quilts that several of us are doing online here together--you can make this, Make it as YOU go Along quilt; rainbow sampler quilt swap; summer mystery quilt, and our calendar quilt. She wanted to know if I knew the URL to find them. I said I did, so I gave her the address to the blogs so she can look at them and do them if she'd like to or not. But I also looked through the remnants--I can never resist looking there. And look what I found. I think the fabrics above are just too pretty together. Can't you just see a quilt made out of that? And I've always loved this princess fabric. Maybe I'll be having two granddaughters--I can do tropical for one and princesses for the other! Nah the other will end up being ducks or butterflies I have a feeling! That is still to be seen! Man oh man am I gonna be in big trouble when DH reads to catch up on my blog tonight! I'm gonna have to pay up big time to him for this one. Maybe I should go start making dinner so he won't be the one to have to cook tonight either! LOL (Which I did, cubed potatoes with sausage, rotel tomatoes, grated cheese, sliced stick of butter, & some evaporated milk--mix altogether, pour into baking dish, bake until potatoes are done! Mmmmm-Mmmmm Good!)
We still had time to kill before going to pick up Terry-no-blog's MIL from work so we went to the mall. Somehow we ended up in Dillards and for some reason any time the two of us are together in that store, we just go nutty!
We were walking through the men's department and she says,"Hey look, I found my date for the ball." I told her to go stand next to "him" and I'd get a picture. This is when I finally remembered my phone has a camera on it! DUH! So she cozies up to this manequin and this is the picture I got! And of all things, I cut off the head of the "man of her dreams"! LOL She then turns around to another manequin and starts talking to it. "I'm sorry, you're just to.... I can't go to the ball with you, I'll just have to go by myself. You see how it is and you understand, right?" and then she turns and walks away. Good thing she wasn't expecting an answer from him. I don't think he looked very understanding! LOL

We then went upstairs and started looking for the restroom. Of course to get there we had to go by the formals. We start looking at them (like we had any intention of buying??!! NOT!) I finally said, "Terry, you want to have some fun? Let's try a couple of these on. Well, she chickened out and wouldn't try any on. But she was so gracious (yeah right) and complimentary (oh yeah--that's what it was) to keep pulling things out that were SEVERAL sizes too small for me and then wanted me to try them on. One of the tops she pulled off the rack I did try on. Here's the pic I took in the dressing room--I can't believe I'm actually going to show this pic! Oh brother, I MUST have lost my mind! Obviously this is not a very good pic and I'd probably NEVER wear anything like this. But it was a cute top on the rack. There was a dress that she wanted me to try on--and of course I did try it on--that if it would have zipped up all the way, I would have considered taking a pic in it as well. Guess I should've done it same as I did this one, but I didn't. It really was pretty. But I've just gained WAY too much weight and too much flab across my back and stomach to have been able to zip it. Of course, I wasn't going to pay the $225 that they wanted for it either. But it WAS cute. We laughed and giggled our way through the store--that's for sure. We left there and made our way back to the car as she had to take her MIL to a friend's grandchild's birthday party. But we've already made plans to get together again tomorrow night. I wonder what tale I'll have to spin to y'all after that!?! Heaven only knows what will happen when the two of us are together! But I was really glad that I was able to get her to smile and make her feel better about going to the ball Saturday night.


Missy said...

It sounds like you had a great time. I love it when I can spend time with friends shopping, eating and just enjoying each others company. Some of my best memories are of being with a great friend of mine, acting like fools while walking through Wal-Mart. Good times!

Thank you so much for the award. I've been "internet absent" for a few days and just realized you'd awarded me. I really appreciate it.

Teresa Pomerantz said...

Don't you love having a friend you can hang out with like that? Mine is my twin- who lives 4 hrs away
:( but when we get together it is always a blast.

Three Prince Designs said...

Oh what a fun day!!!

Love the fabric too

Mama Krit said...

My goodness! The things two crazy friends can do! I love her choice of dates, that's for sure!

Oh, and the DD (G) at the OB with BFF!? Took me just a sec to decode all those! :)

You're too funny. I think I need to hear your frog voice in person. :)

Simone de Klerk said...

What a good time you had, Shelly! I'm happy for you you have such a friend to have so much fun with (O:

Linda said...

What a great day!! We all need some like that every now and then!!
I love this tutorial for taking a tshirt and making it into a halter! http://ohmystars.net/craft/index-surgery.php?page=tsstut1

cre8tivecrys said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! I love the occassional goofy trip to the mall where we try on the most "interesting" outfits we can imagine up!