Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh Why Not?

I wasn't going to post until later in the day (apparently 2:51 in the afternoon is not late enough in the day;~) but I will go ahead and show the latest row of the calendar quilt challenge. I showed that the month of January was all finished. Well, I finally got myself all geared up and I have finished the first week in January. This is an aweful picture, but at least it kind of shows the 7 squares for the first 7 days of February.
I think I'm also going to show off the fabric that I bought for the Maroon squares for Group 4 of the Rainbow Quilt Sampler Swap. You can actually see the fabric above as well, but I figure I'll show the larger pieces here! You know, it's funny, when you want to find a color of something you can't ever find it--stop looking and it will be everywhere. When I wasn't looking for maroon fabric I saw beautiful pieces everywhere that I fell in love with (and didn't have the money to get). Now that I'm looking for it??? Well, this is what I found--I know it is showing more red in this picture, but I swear the stuff changes colors on me everytime I move it! I think that's one reason I like it so much. Thought I'd try to work a bit of the maroon floral into the square too, don't know quite how I'll do that yet, but YOU"LL see as soon as I figure it out!

OK I'm off to get working on something or other! If, and I do mean IF, I get anything accomplished that is noteworthy, I'll come back and show it. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait for tomorrow! Have a great day (or what's left of it) y'all!!


Vanessa said...

Hi Shelly! I can't wait to see the blocks you make with the maroon fabrics. Have you decided on a particular block pattern yet?

Mama Krit said...

I love the maroon! I also need to get into gear with my quilt. Mu machine was down for two days and I can not get back in the swing of things.