Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking What You Know the Best!

OMG, I always thought the best friends in the world were only found in face-to-face encounters--but I am here to tell you this morning that I truly have some of the VERY finest, best friends via the blogosphere! If I could meet you in person, and I truly would love to do that one day, I would give each of you a big hug. How can I ever thank you for your encouragement and support. Of course my Mom's way would have been to invite you over for a cup of coffee and pull a piping hot coffee cake out of the oven. That of course would be just a tad difficult to do over the internet--however, will this do? I make a mean cup of coffee--so I've been told--and I'll be more than happy to make you a cup; but excuse me if I drink iced tea or something else--coffee and I have never gotten along real great.

After gleaning all the wonderful encouragement from y'all and my good friend in Ontario, I went back to the "basics". I went back to doing what I KNOW I can do and do well. I had been given three pair of pants to "do something with--they still fit in the waist, but they are just too short on her" and some pants that need to be hemmed. That is something I have been doing for so long, I can almost do it in my sleep. Of course since the 3 pair of pants are size 18 mos I figured I'd start with them. You would think that I would have finished all 3 pair. However, once I got started and interrupted and started and interrupted (you all know the drill) this is what actually was accomplished.

These jeans turned into

and then I added a finishing touch to look like this.Well that was all fine and well, but this young lady of 5 years is always dressed so beautifully that I just felt that she needed a matching or coordinating top to go with it. (And yes, you did read that right, these are size 18 mos. jeans for a 5 year old. I guess if you're a regular follower, you know that these are for one of my special kids at school. The difference is, her mom works at the school with us and that's why I got them to work on in the first place.) So I saw this pattern I bought for my coming granddaughter and thought it'd be just too cute on her.
And here is the final product front and back. If I can ever catch her in it at schoool, I'll take a pic of her in it and ask her mom for permission to post it here so you can see how beautiful she is.


jaya pratheesh said...

wow! and you say you are not creative!!!

Vanessa said...

Super Cute! What a lucky little girl.

Carlotta said...

Bye-Bye Funk, Hello Creativity!! I love how you made over the pants. And the top is to die for.

Three Prince Designs said...

Yeah- you are back with a vengance!!! Love it all- so beautiful- you should be so proud of yourself. The picture of the coffee cake is too cute- I would love to come for a slice.

See why you are KReative now?? We all get funks- glad yours is gone!!

Did you ever get my emails?

Barb said...

You are so creative and can do most anything...I am amazed. I love the pants and the shirt and hopefully, we will be able to see this young lady in them. She will love the outfit.

Missy said...

That outfit is so cute! You did all of that in one day? Beautiful!

Hello happy, yellow, sunshiny funk!

I'm so glad to see you're feeling creative again!

I also sent you an email yesterday to the email address listed on your profile. Did you get it?

a good yarn said... cake. If ever I'm in the neighbourhood I arrange to stop by. What a fantastic transformation on the jeans! And the dress is pretty too.

I have posted your parcel today for the swap. It should take about 7-10 days to reach you. I'm nervous and excited about it. Hope you like what I have sent you. I tried to keep to the *spring* theme.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Mama Krit said...

Oh my goodness! That is the cutest pair of jeans I have ever seen!! The top is SO gorgeous. You sure are one crafty chicka!

Oh, and I'll have you now I am now desperately craving coffee cake!