Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Awe, the day that I was hatched--I mean born! 48 years ago today I was born in a little city outside of an Air Force Base in Florida while Daddy was stationed in Korea and was then transferred to Korea for an additional 5 months before seeing me. Mom isn't around to share my birthday, but Daddy is and I'm SOOOOO grateful for that! And now, 48 years later, I'm gearing up to be a gramma. Even Grampa Dave is starting to get excited and wanting to buy things and send to one and buy things to put up for the second one due in October!

I guess I can understand now how my grandparents (they were in Ohio and Indiana) felt being half the country away from Mom when she was pregnant with me. I'm here in MS while my son and wife are in NC.

But I will be here through all of my daughter's pregnancy. She is getting excited about being pregnant but has decided she really doesn't LIKE being pregnant! She doesn't like the morning sickness, the constipation problems, the hemroids that follow, the frequent urination, the feeling full fast (and she's only 9 1/2 weeks pregnant! think what she'll be like at 9 months! LOL). Gee, I shouldn't snicker at all these things. But it is kind of fun knowing that here she is complaining about all these things when she used to think how easy pregnant people had it! ROFLMAO

Sorry no pic(s) today, but we didn't take any. So you'll just have to make due with a SHORT post today!


Barb said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! and fun for you to become a grandma!!!

a good yarn said...

Happy Birthday Shelly! How wonderful; that you will be a grandma. You can getaway with all sorts now. Grandchildren are for spoiling.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your special day was wonderful :)

We live in Florida and our grandkids are way up in Connecticut. It does make it a bit harder.

Your poor will be interesting to see how she feels in the last couple months.

Do you know boy or girl yet? You have two kids expecting, wouldn't it be nice to have a boy and a girl?

Carlotta said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shelly!!!

I understand what you mean about the grandparents being away. We have two grandbabies in NC. My children's grandparents are also in NC and one Nana lives in NY, while we're waaayyy down here in Louisiana.

Tootles for now!

~holly said...

hey! we share the same birthday!!!! how cool is that??? happy birthday from one birthday girl to another!

Mama Krit said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a fabulous day!

Linda said...

Happy Belated birthday!!!

Sonja said...

Congrats on being a granma! I am a distant grandma. I'm in MO, I have a grand daughter in PA. I've seen her for the first time at Christmas, and a grandson in Canada.
Oh yhea HAppy Birthday!!!

Three Prince Designs said...

I was out of town but happy birthday to you!!!