Friday, March 6, 2009

Catching Up-Finish it Friday!

Most anyone that is a lurker on my blog knows that I generally keep up with not only my blog several days a week (if not 7 days a week) and knows that if you are on the list of those I follow or subscribe to, I comment on most all of your posts. You have found me absent in not only MY postings but even more so on the commenting of YOUR posts here lately. Seems there haven't been enough hours in the days here lately. But I am giving a good effort to go back and comment on some--several--of the posts I've read through my google reader but have not previously commented on. There are ONLY 154 posts have to go back through, but I'm trying diligently to get through them all. So IF I get through all of them I will call that my FINISH it FRIDAY task of the day!

Are you interested in trying to finish up some of those unfinished objects that you have lying around? If so, go to Sister to Sister and hook up with Mr. Linky. You can then go around and see all the others that are participating in Finish it Friday!
Don't you just love this little award? Well it is NOT one that I'm giving away! You have to Grab it for yourself in the event that you deserve it. Only YOU can decide if you qualify for it or not. Only you can put it on your blog because YOU CAN'T REMEMBER SQUAT!! Around my house I am the one that suffers from CRS. I can't remember where I put the lists and notes to remind me to do something. I can't always remember to write the reminder to myself. I can't remember what the reminder is supposed to be for! I can't remember where I put my glasses. I can't remember what the name of things are--let alone my own kids--you know the drill, you go through the list of all the kids and animals names just to end up saying "YOU, the one in the green shirt, whatever your name is. . ." So I definitely can't remember sh*t! That's why I grabbed it off Barb's blog this morning! Dory is just perfect for me (oh, and did I forget to mention? She's a DISNEY character? LOL).

Speaking of Barb, See these beautiful little bags she has made? Well these are part of a Round Robin Give Away! Never heard of a Round Robin give away before? Doesn't surprise me, she just made it up. But what an awesome idea it is. Here is how it works. IF you are a follower of Barb's blog AND leave a comment on her site you will be entered into the give away. Whichever person wins will be sent all four bags + a gift from Barb. That person will then choose ONE of the four bags to keep. The remaining three bags will then be sent to someone who is a follower of his/her blog who leaves a comment on the blog saying something about wanting to enter the round robin give away and will continue it, with a gift from you for them. That person keeps one bag and sends the remaining two bags and a gift on to a follower who has left a comment. That person then keeps the last bag and the gift from the person. So all in all, there will be 4 winners in this Round Robin event. Each of the winners must be followers of the person's blog that they received it from and must comment on it. When they receive their bag + gift, they need to post a picture of the bag and gift on their blog and link it back or tell who's blog they received it from. That way even the fourth winner will be able to get readers from each blog that the previous person followed. I don't know that I explained all of that correctly. Barb can explain it better I'm sure since it is her idea! LOL If you want to participate, go to HER blog initially and be a follower and leave a comment. If you win, I'm sure we'll all come to your blog to be a follower and enter (again) with you and so on.
OK that gets me caught up with Barb's blog, on to the next person in the lineup! I may have to revise this post many times today as I find new giveaways and prizes and things to do for you to participate in as well. So even if you've already read this--check back later to see what else I've seen to share with you.

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Mama Krit said...

I have been having the same issues. It's hard to keep up with blogs when life interferes. But I do love seeing what everyone is up to. LOVE the Dory pic, that is too funny!