Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Sunday....

OK, so once again, I've got another virus this weekend. Either that or my stomach is paying me back for not taking all my medication on schedule this week. But who could blame me? It has been such a full week. Not that you can tell that by what has gone into this blog this week. Oh, but that is because we have been busy building a classic car. Do I mean a real one--heavens no! But we have had a blast getting things ready for my students for the contest of our Cruisin' the Coast CDC Style! In case you want to know about our contest, keep reading--as I'm putting in the article I'll be submitting to our local papers for the event. My computer is acting up today, so there won't be pictures of the winning cars, but you'll get the gist anyway.

Cruisin’ the Coast Child Development Center Style

The Harrison County Child Development Center joined the Mississippi Gulf Coast
in its annual Cruisin’ the Coast on Friday, October 5, 2007. Thanks to a suggestion by one of the staff members, the classes were given the opportunity to build their own classic cars that were judged on their originality and the most authentic to the design and style of the original car. Cars that were made included two cars made as the ’57 Chevy, ‘55 Pink Cadilac, classic fire truck, ’31 Ford truck, ’37 Studebaker truck complete with operational lights, ’29 Ford Roadster, ’29 Ford Woody Station Wagon, the “prehistoric Barney Mobile”, ’57 Ford Mustang, ’57 Ford Thunderbird, a car to represent the 1909-1914 Model T Fords, ’58 Corvette and the ‘49 ZZ Top Ford Coupe.

Two of the cars were made with the class students’ pictures incorporated into the
designs as passengers. Most of the cars used a combination of small and large cardboard boxes as their main chassis. Other cars were made around strollers or buggies that allowed for the students to ride in them. Other building materials included aluminum foil, poster board, bulletin board paper, foam pipe covering, Styrofoam, plastic cups, aluminum ashtrays, plastic plates, fabric, stuffing material or batting, and lots of paint and hot glue.

The “Most Authentic” award winner, Ms. Robin Bates, Ms. Deanna Meyers and
thier class, was the miniature 1949 ZZ Top Ford coupe complete with driver,
steering wheel, gear shift, upholstered seats, fuzzy dice and engine. The “Most Colorful” award went to Mr. Mark Nagell and Ms. Heather Lindberg and their class with Elvis Presley’s 1955 Pink Cadillac, complete with flaming print upholstered seats. With the help of Mr. Jeff Holland, Ms. Sharon Malley and Mrs. Marilyn Hale and their class won the “Best Overall” award with their 1958 Corvette.

Mrs. Vicki Carter, principal, presented each of the winners with a certificate of their award at the school’s Sock Hop. The students then “bopped ‘til they dropped” before returning to class and then to their buses. Several of the staff and students dressed in ‘50’s style apparel and enjoyed the music from the 1950’s to dance to. Ms. Betty Ann Albert and Ms. Terra Brazeale impressed the staff and students with their modified jitterbug. Mrs. Teresa Franklyn, the school’s Activities Committee Chairman, was the unofficial disc jockey for the dance.

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