Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to Change the World....

I don't usually do "reviews" but since my son is watching this movie in the background--I guess I have to say something here--as it created in me an idea.

The movie? Evan Almighty

If you have never seen it--it is not:

1) "just another dumb movie".

2) just another "God" movie.

3) another movie trying to get you to accept God--although if you don't see God working in this movie, there's something wrong!

4) another in the O God movies

What it is:

1) a good wholesome movie for the whole family

2) a movie that shows that no matter how much you think your spouse has lost his/her mind, if you love them with all your heart and soul, stand with them--even if it does take some time to realize that!

3) a movie that brings a family back to a family instead of how most of us spend our lives--all going in separate directions

4) a movie that if you watch the "extras" you will find that they actually did a lot of research and kept things fairly accurate to the "original" story in the Bible.

5) a movie that when it was done and over with, all the wood that was used to build a "true" size ark according to the specifications God set--was used to build homes for those that otherwise could not afford it or were in need of housing

The premise? The movie is basically telling the story of a news anchor that is elected to Congress (the Senate side I think). His campaign promises are "I'm going to change the world." Now how many times have we heard empty promises that can't be fulfilled--unless the rest of Congress backs it and everything isn't held up in committees? They get to their new home in their new car and the first night the wife suggests that they pray. He doesn't understand why; but after his wife says something along the lines of, "Well, with all that we now have, I think you should thank Him and ask him for help if you're really going to change the world." From there it goes through a modern day version of Noah and the building of the Ark.

One of the questions that Evan asks God (by the way who is played by a native Mississippian, Morgan Freeman) is, "How do I go about changing the world?" God's answer is actually simple--and all of us as teachers already know this and presumably do it everyday, "You want to change the world? Start with a single act of random kindness everyday." That is something that children with Down's Syndrome seem to inherently know. The children I have taught over the past 22 years that are so loving, so caring, have such a wonderful personality, and most of all are so DIFFERENT from everybody else--they know deep in their souls how to do something kind everyday. It may just be a smile sent in your direction. It may be, "Cn I hep you Dibbs?" or "I sawrrry." or a kiss blown in your direction. For those of you that don't have the experience of being around these wonderful children, you really are missing out. Yes, it can be frustrating to not know what they're trying to tell you or show you. Yes, you wonder sometimes what you've just agreed to. Yes, when you're in the middle of the 10th poopy incontinent brief for the day you feel like that's all your life is filled with---POOP! But when you really feel bad--they know it and will try to offer to you the only thing they often can give---their love and their own personalities to help "make you better."

It reminds me too of the commercial for whichever insurance company it is where someone does something nice, another sees it, then they do something nice, and it continues full circle until it gets back to the original person doing something nice for someone else. I feel that this workshop that has totally had me engrossed for seven weeks has been like that commercial. I know that many times I've needed help and someone or several have readily offered their help and support. When I was able to do the same for someone else, I tried my best to do so. I know that I am one of the few that has had the ability to spend more time on the computer and answer many more than our required one or two post responses or comment(s) on at least 1 other person's blog. And that is ok--as I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts, threads, discussions, blogs, etc., etc., etc. I have enjoyed putting in my $.02 worth when I could--whether it was able to help or not.

I am sorry to say that the Web 2.0 Read/Write Web Workshop is closing in the next day or two. I have learned so much from this workshop--not just from the material given in it--but as much if not more so from the other 16 that have been active throughout all 7 weeks of the class. Would I like to keep up with all that are in this workshop? I can't think of anyone that I wouldn't want to check in and see how they're doing with their blogs, wikis, etc. and you can count on me---I will! I can't think of any of them that I wouldn't want to help me get my blooming wiki going in the right direction or to see their comments here on my blog that I will continue. I would love to be able to get together in person with any or all of them--a reunion of sorts, even though we've never "met". I'd love to be able to have several of us sit down around a table, with iced tea (or maybe something stronger) and a table full of "munchies" other wise known as appetizers of all sorts and just talk about our daily lives, frustrations, and this technology stuff too I guess! LOL I know that that would never happen as there are so many activities that fill each of the lives of the workshop participants and their responsibilities to their families and their activities--not to mention the fact there's a lot of miles betweem those living on the coast to those that live on the northern border of the state. So, I'm a dreamer--what else is new?!? It would be fun though!

So here is my toast to all of those in the workshop--I raise my glass to each of you and challenge each of you to do or show at least one single random act of kindness each day; smile; and have fun with your classes. You all have made this workshop a pleasure as opposed to a drudgery. I will miss you all. :(

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Jewels said...

My family loves to have "Movie Night" on Friday night...we eat a picnic supper in the den on the floor spread with blankets (usually pizza, but I might actually surprise the kids tomorrow night with their fave...steak) and watch a movie together. Last week we watched "Evan Almighty". I had seen it at the theater with some friends so I knew it was okay for my kids to see. THEY LOVED IT! My husband did too. It sparked so many great conversations with our kids about the real Noah, etc. To see that you had actually written about it on your blog made me smile! I tell everyone what a great movie it is and that they should take time to watch it. Now I need a suggestion for tomorrow night's movie...lol