Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is it Friday YET????

Why is it that it seems like the short weeks are the longest weeks? The students have all come back from a four day weekend and have acted like they were given one-on-one attention, allowed to do what they wanted, not made to do anything that they didn't want to do, and don't have to or want to listen to anyone in an athoritarian position the entire time. We (my assistants and I, the teachers in rooms up and down the halls, the therapists, nurses and the principal have all heard enough yells, cries, screams, and temper tantrums to last us a life time--just in two days! Several of us have been kicked, hit, swung at, spit at, thrown up on, and anything else that they could manage in the middle of their tantrum tyraids. Enough is enough! Oh, and let's not forget that they are fixing to go home tomorrow afternoon to be with the same loving, doting, easily manipulated families for another two days.

I'm not saying that the parents don't love them. I'm not saying that the parents don't care what their children do. I'm not saying anything against the parents. I just know the mentality of several parents in our schools think that if the child is a special needs child that they should not be told 'NO", should not be disciplined, should not be expected to do too much, should be allowed to do what they want just to make them happy. However, that attitude is what defeats the purpose of all that we try to do at the schools to make them as independent and "normal" as their general education peers. It is that kind of parental attitude when the children are young that totally ruin and make the child uncontrollable, unbearable, unmanageable, and down right nasty as they grow to be teenagers and adults. When the "cute" little kids do things and are not disciplined or taught right from wrong, then when they get to be larger than you, how will you control their actions? It is just down right aggravating. OK I'll get off my soap box now!

So in essence, in answer to my question--NO, but it is almost Friday (especially since there is only 1 more hour before it is Friday morning!). That means today is/was Thursday. It also means that we went to see our daughters in the Band of Gold at one of the last two remaining games at the MGCCC campus. The game was a close one; ending in overtime with the Bulldogs defeating Northwest MS junior college 27-20. The Band of Gold performed a musical tribute to Star Wars. I must say, I was very impressed with their performance. Of course, I have seen bits and pieces of it (well at least the flag routines) as one daughter comes home to practice each weekend. Of course, by going to the game we missed Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and whatever the show after that is (Big Shots?????). but that is perfectly fine. Watching my daughters perform and perform so well is well worth missing the "favorites" on TV. My own children can out do and will come first any time on the priority list--especially when comparing to TV!!!!

And if Today is Thursday, that means tomorrow will be Friday! Hip Hip Hooray! Maybe we will be able to get through the day without any major tantrums and we can start over on Monday. And as tired as I am tonight and before Cindy's carriage turns back into a pumpkin with little mice falling off the sides and back of the "carriage" and with the dog no longer able to be a footman, I am going to say good night and I'll see you all in your own Blogs, the discussion board and maybe even in a Wiki!?!


Jewels said...

I subscribe to your blog but couldn't figure out a way to leave a comment through bloglines...can you do that? I am too stupid to figure it out.
I am the mother of a special needs child and reading this post brought to mind how my husband and I are always talking about how we don't want to put limitations on our daughter and are trying to raise her to be a strong Christian woman with a strong sense of who she is. We discipline her just like we discipline her typically-developing brother. Sometimes I think I might go overboard when disciplining her. Yes, as a matter of fact, I KNOW I do. Maybe because I am an educator and see on a daily basis how these kids are these days, but I demand that my children be respectful (although sometimes they are not but they do pay consequences) and treat everyone with the love that they deserve (although this is a tough one for me at times!). The world would be an entirely different place if everyone lived this way.

Jewels said...

By the way...thank you SO much for the answer to your name (Dragon's Dolphin). That is too neat. I thought to myself what my name would be if I combined what I collect and what my husband collects...are you ready? I would be Firearm's Frog. I laughed out loud!!!
The Pony Patch seems to be such and awesome place!! Maybe one day my daughter will have the opportunity to go someplace like that. She is terrified of animals right now (or thinks she is) but loves to talk about them, etc. We have some friends who have horses and they are always trying to get her to come see them. My son loves going out there and maybe one day she will too.

Your "Esha" the Teacher said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I thought I was writing too much but what seems mundane and whiny to me may actually be interesting to someone else. I am thoroughly enjoying the blogs you have posted. I love to read and I actually know exactly what you are talking about as far as discipline even though my class is not SCD but Inclusion. I am very familiar with the discipline situations in the SCD class but what intrests me the most is the other faculty and staff and how they relate to how the SPED teacher is dealing with things. For instance, we have one little boy that DOES NOT like to get on the bus to go home in the evenings and since we have a "bus line" in which the children are held in various classrooms until their bus pulls up this poses a problem. I am at the other end of the hall from where the SCD room is and all I hear on walkie-talkie is "____ is still not on the bus. Bus 87 is going around it." Then I hear "what is the problem... if I was down there he would have been on the bus!!!" Or I hear "do they need help!?!" I laugh at this because I have dealt with this boy and if there is one person that strike fear in his heart it is his Dad. He has been called on numerous occasions for "incidents". Those that have never dealt with the boy do not know how stubborn he can truly be and that he will kick and hit when provoked. Another thing is that he only wears cowboy boots- Ouch!!! Well, how does that relate to your comment? This student has discipline at home and is an extreme case but for the other students in SPED in my school that don't this student is "heaven sent". At least we can communicate civilly with his parents and they are aware enough to come or help when we call. Imagine how it would be if we had no supportive parent to call. Something to think about! By the way you are doing an AWESOME job!