Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All in A Mom's Day

Do you ever have the feeling that a Mom's Day never ends? Well, I often have that feeling--even when I don't have kids at home. There's always someone calling home asking for something. "Did you pick up my medicine?" "Can I go then stay at....?" "Can you fix my.....?" "Have you seen my....?" "Did I leave home when I left?"

Do you ever feel like you are turning into your own Mom? When did you look in the mirror and decide that you were your Mom? When did you realize you were saying the things that she did? I started realizing I was my own Mom when I had my first child. I have taken my revenge though. I've already given my children "The Curse". Anyone that is a parent knows what "The Curse" is." When you tell your children, "I hope that when you have children, they will be just like you!" My future daughter-in-law has already decided that her children are going to be double cursed! She already acts so much like me. And she calls my son (well, my stepson) a clone of his Dad. She knows what we are like and she has already declared that she's scared to have children.

Now if you ever feel like you're hearing yourself say things that you swore you'd never say; take a look at "Mom's Song" at You really will decide that you say way too much that your mom said to you. However, how she gets 24 hours worth of "Momisms" into 2 1/2 minutes and all sung to the William Tell Overture I will never know. But if you're a Mom, or even a Dad, or even those that plan on having children one day; I think you will get a big kick out of this video. It really is a hoot!

Have a smile on me today and enjoy the rest of the day!


Jewels said...

I can relate...thank you for your comments about tiny lips will one day be grown up lips. I know this but it is difficult to remember that when you are "in the trenches".
I had seen this video and thought it was unbelievable! I plan to memorize it and say it every day of the rest of my life. lol
Off to my rountines again and getting all geared up to head to the Memphis Zoo in the morning.
Great thoughts...thanks for sharing.
BTW, what is "dragon's dolphin"?

Liz said...

Thanks for the listing of everyone's blogs. It will be a big help to me.

Liz said...

Sorry, I should have commented on that comment from you. I'm in a time crunch. More later