Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You Asked, You Shall Receive 1st Installment

eBay Seller: montessoriinspired: Education Learning, Everything Else items on eBay.com

I had someone ask me about the site on ebay that I get my curriculums and my folder games from . So I decided I'd see if I could get the URLs for you and put them here.

This is a site that has many things for special needs students, students that are homebound, homeschooling, and especially autistic students. If you click on the above link you should be taken directly to the ebay site that offers all of the items auctioned by Items for Sale by montessoriinspired.

I hope that someone will be able to use this information. If not, at least I have tried. I will continue to try by giving you other sites to choose from. The things may not pertain to those of you in high school, but those of you that have our special needs students and those that teach lower grades will probably find more use for these things. If nothing else, I'll know where to find it if I need to go looking again for them.

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