Thursday, September 27, 2007

CDC is Cruisin' the Coast

Everyone seems to get caught up in the Cruisin' the Coast craze! Well, why wouldn't they? I mean if you think about it--what is better than seeing the beautiful classic cars roll down the beach? It is so nice to see so many people involved--and they aren't just locals! People from all over the country come to show off, sell, trade, perform, shoot fire, and just cruise around the coast. I'm sure there were several in the area that lost their classics to Katrina. I'm sure there were several others that were more concerned about keeping their classics safe than the things inside their homes. Either way, Cruisin' the Coast returned last year for the first time after Katrina. And they have returned once again this year--bigger and better than ever with events from one end of Highway 90 to the other end.
One of the staff at the school decided that since so many of us love the classic cars that we should all make one. So it has been decided that there will be a classic car competition with a Sock-Hop afterwards. Each class is to make a classic car or truck out of cardboard or some other sturdy material that can then be displayed outside the classroom doors. No two cars in the school are to be the same vehicle. Several of the teachers have already decided which classic they will be making. Others just found out about this competition late this afternoon. In the meantime, this is a great way to get the students involved as well. As my students are all in wheelchairs, I am strongly thinking of making posterboard cars to mount to the sides of their chairs for the sock hop.
One year I made poodle skirts out of bulletin board paper, draped it across the laps of the girls and tied scarves around the girls necks. For the boys, we had plain white t-shirts for them and asked the parents to send their son with jeans on. We then proceeded to roll up the t-shirt sleeves over a box of candy cigarettes and rolled up the legs of the jeans once or twice. They all looked so cool. We also made 45's (for those of you that are too young to remember, a 45 was a record with a single song per side --some had a few more, but not many) with titles of OLDIES and attached them to the rims of the wheelchair rims. But I really think that this idea of doing classic cars will be just as cute. I believe the main problem will be more in determining what cars to draw (well trace with an opaque projector) and then which students will get which cars.

Cruise cruise cruise with me baby

Now move move up in the stratosphere

Zoom zoom zoom with me darlin' now

We're still cruisin' after all these

Cruisin' after all these years

In my car

I'm captain of my destiny

In my car

Pretty babe come cruise with me

Come for a drive

And we'll arrive

Feelin' alive

Thanks to for providing these few lines of lyrics from "In My Car" by the Beach Boys.

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Susan Williams said...

What a wonderful way to share a cultural event with your students! Just think of the seeds you are planting...this may cultivate interests that are lying dormant. Kudos to you and your co-workers!