Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Computer Illiterate Gets a Fresh Start

I can't believe that I am actually trying to start a blog on my own. I have never been real sure what they were, let alone how to use them. But because of an online workshop/course I'm taking, I must start using the techno info that I have received and still don't understand. So here I am, starting out into a brand new arena for me. And here I thought that going from high school Home Economics to Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to special needs students was a leap. And then the ADL to a class of multi-handicapped, medically fragile students was a big jump. Now I am going from strictly surfing and email to starting my own blog!!?!! Wow that's even bigger than a jump.

But I have found lots of things on the web over the last several years that have been so helpful to me. I figure if I put them down here, I might be able to find them again. Not to mention, if there is anyone out there in the "virtual" world that also might find those same things helpful, then I suppose I should share them! After all, we teachers don't need to reinvent the wheel. We may need to air it up or let some of the air out; scrub down the white walls; take the nails out; and polish it until it shines to be useful to a particular group of students. But the idea will be there at any rate as a choice for someone to use or not.

There won't be any Specialties of the House" listed today. I'm still in the learning stages of this new technology (well, new to me). So have patience. Remember a watched pot never boils--unless you are Data and experiment with watching it or not watching it and still have the pot boil in the exact same amount of time.


Susan Williams said...


I love the "Specialty of the Day" and the idea that it may come from something we are familiar with or something far out. I am looking forward to your contributions!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Well as a Home Economic teacher (originally) and my love of food and cooking I thought of no better way to title a blog from me! Hopefully, I'll be able to send enough side dishes to go with the main courses so that you will all be ready for the dessert when I finally figure out what that will be!

Mrs. Ashe said...

You've been holding back! What an awesome weblog! Way to go! You've inspired me to work on improving my little blog...super job!