Friday, May 6, 2016

A Simple Woman's Simple Life (?)

Do you sometimes feel like you have nothing worth blogging about? Do you feel like there isn't anything to say? How about using these thought provokers to get you started. You can then keep either add to it or use as is. I have borrowed this idea from Amanda (and I thank you for it as I used this back in 2009 and am pulling from it again as brain starter for myself. Sometimes I need that little bit of help to get me started, and this is perfect to do just that.).

Outside my beautiful and quite warm--but not as warm as usual for this time of the year here, it's only 67 degrees as I sit here and write this around noon.  For us that is quite cool for this time of year.  We're usually over 70 by noon this time of year  usually mid 70's at least!  So to say the least we're enjoying this weather.  Of course, we're enjoying the sunshine even more than the cool temps as we've been inundated by the rain over and over and over.  We had sooooo much rain the past few weeks that there is no where for the water to go.

I am thinking...about family, dance costumes, quilt challenges, grandchildren, vacations.  (NOT necessarily in that order!) 

I am thankful neighbor's dog getting out of their fence last night so that they had to go looking for it.  Sounds strange doesn't it?  If they hadn't had to go look for the dog, then no one would have ever (or not as soon) heard my step mother who had locked herself out of her house in her back yard.  Her fence was padlocked from the outside so she couldn't get out of the fence either.  So she was literally locked in her back yard.  So she just stood in the backyard yelling for help.  The kids were out looking for their dog, heard her and knew that she was related to us and came to tell us that she was locked in her back yard.  So we were able to call her daughter who had a key to the house to let her back in the house.

From the kitchen...I have a love hate relationship with my kitchen right now.  I love the fact that the men in the family cook for the family right now.  YAY me!  And even though they generally do the dishes, I hate the fact that they don't clean the counters or the sink afterwards.  I also hate the fact that we have these little bitty sugar ants or some sort of ants that last year we discovered they were coming from behind our outlets in the kitchen on one side of the kitchen.  Now they are coming from the other side of the kitchen.  Of course that is the side with all the appliances and all the "stuff" that seems to get piled on the counter.  So yes, that's why I'm hating my kitchen.  This time of year they always show up.  They eventually disappear, but until they do, they drive me crazy!

I am wearing...a green tshirt and blue lounge pants--my daily uniform!!!  I rarely get out of lounge pants and t-shirts anymore!  They are so comfortable and unless I'm going out somewhere I rarely get into anything else!   I love being retired!

I am reading...Wedded Blintz by Leighann Dobbs.

I am hoping...for so many things, that there is no way to categorize them.  I guess my biggest hope is that the interviews that Jan and Dave had with Margaritaville went to this week will pay off in jobs that they will both get and enjoy.  And if they don't that this will be a door that God has closed and that there is another door that is waiting around the corner to be opened for them that is the right one for them.  Dave has decided it is time to go back to work.  Jan is needing to go back to work to care for her children.

I am creating...costumes for my grandson and the other boy in his dance classes for their recital in June and more pressing for their dance pictures this weekend (yes as of tomorrow morning!).  In all there are 2 safari outfits and 2 tuxedo style vests, pants and shirts with bow ties.    I'm also getting ready to be working on our guild's challenge that is a geometric challenge.  The fabrics are all to be geometric prints and is to be a finished size of a charity quilt for our NICU or CASA that we give quilts to.  It doesn't have to be geometric design but can be.  I have chosen my design, but it is one I've never made before and don't know if I will be able to make correctly by the due date (of course, as long as I get it done they will be happy even if it is late).  There is a Lion King Challenge that I have seen that has a short due date that I've seen online that I'm seriously considering (although I've never submitted my work for viewing by anyone other than our local guild so I'm really having to think abou this.  But I would so love to make something dealing with the Lion King!  Maybe I'll buy the fabric, make it and if I get it finished in time to mail, then I can send it if I feel it is acceptable to be seen.

I am praying...for so many friends that have had medical issues lately, those that have missing children that have been posted on facebook, our cat that we found out yesterday has extensive mammory cancer that without doing extensive testing and surgery is no way of knowing if it's in the lymph nodes and further.  But because she is 19 yrs old, there is no reason to try to do surgery as long as she is not hurting and is still getting around on her own.  She might not make it through a surgery.  And it wouldn't be guaranteed to extend her life.  So we are going to let her live out her life as is.

Around the house...the house is as crowded and disorganzied as always.  Of course with 5 adults and 4 children in one house, one wouldn't expect it to be much eles.  Well, I'm sure most people would think we'd have to be extremely organized--but with that many different adults trying to take care and control of things, it just doesn't work that way.  And the things that I would have organized, someone else comes along and changes my organization to their ways and then I can't find anything.  After awhile, I give up.  And all in all, we just have  WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!  One day we'll get things back to the way it should be.  Or at least maybe we'll at least get the grandkids to start picking up after themselves.  That would at least help!

One of my favorite sewing room.  I've changed it so many times.  I've changed rooms, changed machines, changed tables, changed, changed, changed.  I won't say I'm done changing.  And I definitely won't say it is done with it's organized status yet either.  But at least I'm closer to how I want it.  I now have Brother Scan-n-Cut 2, Brother Innovis 2800, my Brother 400SE, my Janome Serger, Artistic 16 SD machines all in the same room where I can get to all of them easiily.  I have cutting and ironing stations available on both sides of the room.  and I have an extra  table for cutting full patterns out instead of just cutting quilt stuffs. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!

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