Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hen Parties!

My Dad used to say that any gathering of a bunch of women was nothing more than a hen party! Nothing but a bunch of squawking old hens! Hee Hee Well, I guess that is true in most respects. But you get a bunch of ladies together for a baby shower and you get lots of squawk, ooo's, ahhh's, and squeals! Janyce's two baby showers were no different! The one held this last weekend brought in old and new friends alike as well as family (well adopted family).You remember Forrest from the last post? This is Uncle Tony's Mom, Momma Yvonne. Like I said, we just adopt family to add to our family. You see that Forrest is just as comfortable in Momma Yvonne's arms as Uncle Tony's.
My Dad's wife was not able to come, but she and Dad sent this adorable Adopt-a-Bear. This bear is sooo soft. Scott, my son-in-law, has started sleeping with him so that "it will smell like Daddy" before baby Austin gets it. This wasn't the only adorable creature that showed up at the shower. There was also an alligator, a dinosaur, and I think I saw a frog, too! Good thing all of these are STUFFED animals. The house could get just a little bit scary if these were live critters! LOL
This shower allowed me to give a beginner lesson of cake decorating to Athena, our other daughter. She's been asking for me to teach her how to decorate cakes. I should send her to classes at our local cake decorating classes; but her work schedule makes it difficult to do so. So I have taken this opportunity to teach her how to star a cake. That was one of the first things I learned after icing a cake. Of course, her Dad had already iced the cake, so I couldn't use that experience as a learning experience for her. I started her out starring the duck. The she took her yellow stars and alternated with my orange stars for the borders. I think she did a pretty good job for the first time that she's ever done anything with a cake decorating tip! I added the duck prints and writing and blue dots on the borders. We used frosting to glue plastic baby pins to the sides and the rubber ducks to the top. And, Voila! we have a rubber ducky baby shower cake!
This was also my first time to attempt making a diaper cake. I used size 2 Huggies, toys, a hygiene set, some baby t's and of course, rubber ducks. It isn't perfect and finding toys that are small enough was kind of tough. But all in all, I think it turned out kind of pretty.


Barb said...

Love your diaper cake!!! Glad all of you had fun.

Tania said...

What a cute little guy! The diaper cake turned out great!

Anonymous said...

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jaya pratheesh said...

hey mama shelley, been so long since i last came here! wow you're having a wonderful time:)

what is the icing you use on cakes for making stars? i used dreamwhip and it turned out runny.. so we made do with no stars for chinnu's birthday cake.

how are you? extremely busy by the look of things:) love the diaper cake. and homnestly, if all the stuffed critters turned real, i wouldnot dare to live in my house!