Monday, August 10, 2009

Update Part 4

It seems that I have lost track of time and what number of this update should be. Seems like just yesterday I was telling everyone about my newly born granddaughter--who is now 3 1/2 months old! And NO I still haven't had the opportunity to go see her. Hopefully I will be able to see her at Thanksgiving if not sooner. She is so beautiful. I still say she looks just like her Daddy--but I know she will be as pretty as her Momma.

It also seems like I was just announcing that my daughter was going to have a baby. We are now down to 8 or so weeks! That just doesn't seem possible. We still don't have one of the side rails for the crib she was given--it is still in the woman's storage unit. And I just can't seem to light a fire under my daughter to get her to call about it so we can have the crib set up and ready! I don't have the bedding made yet for the crib, nor the curtains and other accessories to match. Of course, I've just been able to find the first of the fabric pieces I'll need to make them. Do you know how hard it is to find space themed fabric that isn't cartoons? The remaining fabric I guess I will have to bite the bullet and order from somewhere online. The place I've found the fabric I like the best is But now that I have some fabric I found at Wal-mart (and of course, its a fabric that Wal-mart has discontinued carrying!) I have to see if it will "match" or at least coordinate. And that's hard to do when you don't know for sure the colors in the fabric! OK OK I'll quit griping about it.

I'm proud to tell you that we are now expecting our 3rd grandchild as well. Dave's son, Zach and his wife, Amanda, announced that they are expecting and will be due in March. That will make 3 grandchildren in 18 months. I told our other two children (one of which is still in high school)--"Ok, every 6 months someone has announced they're pregnant. Neither of you need to be making that announcement 6 months from now!" Of course it wouldn't surprise us if we did get that notification!

I'm also proud to tell you that my expectant daughter is now engaged as well. Scott was so cute when he proposed (and if I can find the right file I will attach it here so you can see it). It was nothing spectacular, nothing over the top, but he was sincere and nervous and so excited when she said yes!

On the reverse side of all of this happiness, I need to express my grief and also my ability to rejoice at the loss of two of my former students. Yes I did say my ability to rejoice--as the fact that I know that they are both in the home of their eternal Father allows them to once again be whole with no limitations for them. They have no limitations physically, mentally, emotionally and they are now our own special guardian angels watching out over those of us that were family, caregivers, teachers, medical professionals, friends, and many that only had brief contact with them.

July marked the end of life for one of my students, Ralphael or known to us as Ralphy.

This weekend marked the end of life here on earth and the beginning in heaven for another, Earnest or better known as Nookie. Nookie & his Mom, LaDonna

These two young men were in my life for many years. I have known and taught Ralphy for 9 years and Earnest for 12 years. I was not only their teacher; but also became a part of the family in some respects. The two of them definitely were a part of our family. Both girls and Dave knew them and had visited them both in the class. In addition, the girls had been out to Ralphy's house when I was his homebound teacher. In addition, I also taught 2 of Ralphy's sisters and now have his 3rd sister in the class this year.

So these students become a part of me, like all my students do. Unlike most teachers that just have a student a year and then they are off to another teacher, my students are with me from anywhere from 1-10 years before they graduate. And I often try to keep up with them and their families after graduation as well.


Barb said...

I don't think I saw your July 11 post....I will have to go back and see. I am sorry about your students, you taught them a long time.....

Jimmie said...

You are a true hero -- a servant hero. Thanks for serving the humble ones of this world. Your reward will be great.

So glad you visited my blog and that you got an idea. :-)