Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Simple Woman's Journal Entry--or is that a Woman's Simple Journal Entry

Do you sometimes feel like you have nothing worth blogging about? Do you feel like there isn't anything to say? How about using these thought provokers to get you started. You can then keep either add to it or use as is. I have borrowed this idea from Amanda (and I thank you for it. Sometimes I need that little bit of help to get me started, and this is perfect to do just that.).
For Today...August 26, 2009
Outside my beautiful and dogs and my "adopted dogs" (the ones that showed up on Saturday and we haven't found their owners yet) are enjoying the almost cool air. Its under 75 so that's cool for this time of the year in the mornings.

I am thinking...about a lot. Babies, babies, babies, babies--in the grandbaby format!!!! 'Nuf said!!!

I am thankful for...the ability to love my friends and family without worrying (any longer) if they love me back or not. That has been hard for me to do. Previously, if I loved them, I felt they should return the love--even if they don't show it. I have finally (ok so I'm slow) figured out that I don't have to have them love me back for me to love them.

From the kitchen...hmmmm I think I better clean the kitchen before I start cooking in it. Since cooking last night only involved the heating of chicken nuggets, maybe I should actually cook tonight. Then again, maybe not! LOL

I am as my youngest son used to call it for years Geen, Mommy, you're wearing Geen!!!! Green scrub pants, lime green top, and my most favorite of all shoes (well at least the ones I wear the most--guess that makes them my favorite) New Balance tennis shoes. I wear them to work, I wear them to go shopping, I wear them most all the time that I'm not at the house where I can go barefooted!

I am reading...Swimsuit by James Patterson

I am hoping...for so many things, that there is no way to categorize them. I guess my biggest hope was answered yesterday when Dave was hired for a great position at the new Best Buy! He begins the new job Sept 12 and his current job ends on Sept 9. There is a possibility that he will be able to continue (especially during holidays and big sales) on a part time basis at JCP.

I am creating...the bedding set for Gigi's baby! I have the bumper guard about 1/2 way finished. As we are down to 40 days until the due date, I suppose I should get my butt in gear and get it (and all the other things that are planned for the new little one) done!

I am praying...for healthy pregnancies and babies....for a new satisfaction with Dave's new job...for a good day at the IMMS on our field trip tomorrow...for so many things.

Around the house...we are working hard to get the remaining boxes unpacked, find room for things that we really NEED to keep or feel we HAVE to have and de-clutter and get extra junk out of here. It seems the more we try to de-clutter and throw things away, the more things we have come in or acquire in one way or another.

One of my favorite my DVR !!! OMG what a wonderful device. The ability to record shows (ok, no biggy, you could always do that with VCRs), to pause a show in process to go grab a drink or a potty break, to play the same show picking up where you paused instead of missing the "good part" of the show! is the greatest!!! That way we don't miss anything in shows we're watching and NOT taping! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

It may take hand over hand assistance, but who is to say that our special students shouldn't be allowed to do things that our general education students do? Pouring a carton of milk (8 oz.) is easy for most of us and most of our children. But teens like this young lady get as, much if not more, out of the experience of cooking as her "normal" peers. I am so thankful for my teaching assistant, Micki. She and I have a wonderful class; but our class would not be half as wonderful without her!


Barb said...

That is a wonderful and inspiring picture...thanks...

GARI said...

"I am thankful for...the ability to love my friends and family without worrying (any longer) if they love me back or not."

I was 35 when I finally figured out that my mother really did love me, to the best of her ability, which was 'piss poor.' And I also figured out that I was OK with that. Tough lesson but important.