Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Beginning of an Update!

Hello from the world of the Shell's Specialty! It seems like its been forever since I was last in the blogosphere as a regular and its high time I get back into the swing of things. Don't get me wrong, its not like I've been sitting around doing nothing--although this is the time when I should be doing exactly that! I guess its time for a recap on the goings on since we last caught up. Put on your reading glasses, get comfy and join me as I make a tour through the last month and a half of goings on!

I believe the last that I checked in was around the beginning of May. Since then the biggest thing in our lives is our moving from one house to another. I've moved around all my life--didn't have a choice as Dad was career Air Force. But I think I hate the moves that are within a town more than any other! When you move across country, everything is packed in a specific way and labeled clearly as to which room it goes in and there is a lot of organization to it. When you move across town (and in our case only 1 mile) it doesn't always turn out that way.

We started out packing in a very organized fashion. Every box was labeled with the kinds of things in the box and what room it came from or would go into in the new house. But in that 2 week period things went from "highly organized" to "let's just throw it in a box and get it out of here!" We had told our landlord we'd be out no later than Memorial Day weekend. Well we were, but OH what a mistake and I CERTAINLY wish we had not done it that way. But no crying over spilt milk now! We have boxes that we KNOW we packed and labeled--we KNOW they were moved from one house to the other; but we certainly do NOT know where they are now. It may be forever before we find exactly what we're looking for. The "main part" of our everyday lives is unpacked and mostly put into the final placements.

Noticed I said MOSTLY! Everytime I think we've just about got something figured out and know exactly where we want something---we change our mind! It was decided even before we moved that my sewing room would be in bedroom 1 and the grandbaby's room would be in bedroom 2 next to the master bedroom so that I could hear baby when DD was away at college. So everything that was to be in the sewing room went into bedroom 1. The computer desk and sewing tables were set up. My storage cabinets were mounted to the wall (we didn't want to chance baby climber trying to climb shelves and then have it topple over). I had everything "JUST where I wanted it!" Or thought I did! NOW we're moving the sewing room next to my room and baby room as the first bedroom--so that his momma can move in and stay with her son while she's still home and not off at college.

Of course the fact that we have boxes stacked on stacks in stacks, etc. in the garage that I can't seem to get to, to unpack isn't helping anything. The standard answer since June 1 for the question, "Have you seen...?" or "Do you know where ... is?" is simply "IN A BOX!" Who knows when we'll finally get to all the boxes. We have done a lot better than I thought we would by this point in time. But then, that is because we had originally said, "we're not painting anything for a year." Y'all know me well enough by now, I CAN'T do normal, or neutrals! It was killing me to see this beige, flat wall color on EVERY room of the house! I know that is what most people think is pretty, elogant, simple, stylish, etc. But to me it is BORING and MIND CRAZING!!!

Fortunately, it was driving DH just as crazy! We started with the living room. And I thought he'd lost his mind when he brought the paint sample home of what he wanted. Whew! It wasn't really what he wanted, but close. NO--No sneak peaks on that room until I finish making the drapes. Then I'll take pictures to show you the whole room!

This is the BEFORE picture of the Dining Room! Ok so we were using it as someplace to put things that wasn't on carpeting while we steam cleaned the carpets.

The second room was the dining room. I just knew we were going to go with a gold on the walls with navy blue drapes or deep red drapes. Nope that didn't happen either! What we went with is SOOOO much prettier! The picture I have here just doesn't even begin to show how pretty the color really is in the room. Obviously we don't have pictures on the wall yet--oh wait, those won't be going in here anyway! There are special plans for these walls. Here again, no hints as I want that to be a surprise for EVERYONE!

You know this is turning out harder to write than I thought! After all, there is SOOOO much to tell and show and I just can't seem to get things straight as to what to tell and show and where to stop. Maybe I should at least break this up a bit for ease on anyone trying to read it all.

That being said, I will end here and start again on another chapter. Of course, I do want to show you one of my most favorite areas of the house.


a good yarn said...

Moving house requires the strength of Samson and the patience of Job. Those boxes seem to breed. Your courtyard looks like a lovely spot. Ann :)

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Its not only lovely, but its very peaceful, too!
And I think you're so very right. The boxes are breeding. Everytime I think I'm making headway it looks like there are more!!!
OH NO!!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!! I'm trapped in moving box hell!!!!
LOL Love ya Ann!

jaya pratheesh said...

hi shelly, good to hear from you! i'd write more, but we are leaving on vacation TONIGHT and it is hectic here.. but couldnt let you get away without a hi!

beautiful house. love the blue. unpack one box at a time..

love, jaya

Barb said...

I didn't see this post.....I love you favorite spot...hope you get organized soon. I have missed you.

Carlotta said...

Hey Shelly, I missed this post as well. I love the front of the house with the planter holding the lighthouse. Lighthouses are my favorite. I can just imagine the pretties you'd put in there. And I can't wait to see what you put on those walls. If it looks anything like what you moved from, I'm jealous already!!

~Tootles for now!