Monday, February 4, 2008

Making a New Habit--Breaking an Old One

A couple of years ago, we purchased a tread mill. It was used on a regular basis for a while (but not nearly long enough). The biggest downfall of it isn't that no one wanted to walk "no where"; but instead, it was that you were walking ALONE. We have tried to use it when someone was there talking to us or while watching TV, but it just didn't seem to motivate a lot of interest for any of us. We got very interested in trying to use it everyday--but then Christmas came along and it got shoved into a corner again.
We have discovered a new place that has been advertised to the hilt in our area since its conception on the drawing board. It is a wellness center--not just a gym! It has all of the aerobic machines that both of us enjoy--I can't stand the bikes and he can't stand the treadmills. It has the circuit machines as well as a room dedicated to "light" and "heavy" weight training. There are lap pools, "fun" pools, whirl pools, sauna and steam rooms. There are just so many options available that we decided for the price we would try it. There is no "yearly contract" that you are obliged for the remaining months if you decide to quit. And best of all, we can go TOGETHER. Even though we may not be on the same level of weights on the circuit machines or the same speed or program on the aerobic machines, we are able to be there together to encourage the other.
When I used to belong to one of the national chains of fitness centers for women, I went more often when I had the ability to go with someone I knew--even though after a while I knew most of the people in there. It was because we each would ask or remind the other to go right after school. I'm hoping that Dave and I will be able to do the same for each other with this one. So here is to starting a new healthier habit that will benefit both of us and help us to have a longer time together--as in age!
The old habit that is being broken??? Well that would be one of the worst of them all--smoking. And yes, I have been able to cut back to a pack lasting 5 days! So I am almost there. Cutting any habit cold turkey is not for me. But being able to cut back this much since I opened this last pack is truly GREAT. I am determined NOT to open another pack when these last 5 cigarettes are gone. God willing and my own will power (which is usually quite low), I will have quit and won't need (or want) another cigarette at the end of those 5. Of course, it would be even better if I could just not smoke any of those 5 either!

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